Matt Pinsker

In the cities of Henrico and Richmond, Virginia, Matt Pinsker practices criminal defense law and also teaches and writes. He served his nation as an officer in the US Army and has devoted his life to the advancement of justice. He is dedicated to obtaining the finest results for his clients as a criminal defense lawyer who has won several awards.

Matt Pinsker taught Criminal Justice as an adjunct lecturer at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), sharing his love of all things legal with his students. Among many other positions, he has held the positions of magistrate and prosecutor. He often appears in the media as a known legal expert, and his book on criminal justice has helped students get their degrees throughout the nation.

Although Matt Pinsker practices in many other areas of criminal law, he is most known for his work on cases involving traffic violations such as drunk driving, hit-and-runs, speeding, evading, and reckless driving. His work in instances involving narcotics, weapons, property crimes (theft, vandalism, etc.), and other matters has earned him praise from the judiciary. He also deals with weapon restorations, expungements, and appeals after a criminal case has been resolved.

As a native of Virginia, Matt Pinsker has strong links to the state. Prior to enrolling at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, he completed his high school education at Godwin High School in Henrico, Virginia. Matt Pinsker continued the pattern after earning his undergraduate degree by earning his law degree at West Virginia University.

Few lawyers, like Matt Pinsker, have gone on to get an LLM, which is a second legal degree. It was one of only two schools in the US at the time providing an LLM in his area of study, and he obtained it at George Washington University Law School.

Matt Pinsker has been a criminal defense attorney since 2013, although he previously worked in criminal prosecution. He handles felony cases as well as less severe issues like traffic fines. Prosecutors, courts, and other defense lawyers all highly appreciate him for having grown his legal firm into a force. He is often consulted on issues by his colleagues, and the national media frequently turns to him for high-profile cases.

As a US Army Judge Advocate since 2015, Matt Pinsker has been in charge of cases. His long history of service speaks for itself. He has served abroad, deployed, and worked as an Army prosecutor and defense lawyer all during his time in the service.

Matt Pinsker has taught law and shared his vast knowledge and expertise with his pupils. Between 2013 until 2021, Pinsker taught criminal law at Virginia Commonwealth University. He was proud to play a part in educating children about criminal justice and homeland security, since many of his pupils went on to work in law enforcement or the civil rights movement.

The Army mobilized Matt Pinsker in 2018, and he joined the US Department of Justice as a Special Assistant US Attorney (SAUSA). Matt Pinsker investigated cases including the trafficking of narcotics, weapons, and even persons during his time as a federal special prosecutor. He received awards from the Army and the Department of Justice for his service. He returned to his legal office after completing this task, where he continued his criminal defense work.

His writings on cybersecurity, international law, and homeland security are all legal essays. His published accomplishments demonstrate his breadth and competence in several legal fields.

Matt Pinsker is pleased with a number of honors and distinctions in addition to his distinguished profession and legal education. These honors include the CALI Excellence for the Future award from West Virginia University College of Law and the Certificate of Appreciation he got in the US Army JAG Corps. He was honored for his voluntary efforts by West Virginia University College of Law with the Pro Bono Service Award.

In 2013, Matt Pinsker graduated from the George Washington University Law School with a Master of Laws in National Security and US Foreign Relations. He has taken extensive training in criminal law, counterterrorism, constitutional law, intelligence, and military justice. He released a thesis on “Amending UCMJ Article 66(c) to End de novo Review of Factual Sufficiency in Criminal Appeals” while he was still a student at GWU.

Matt Pinsker earned his Juris Doctor at the West Virginia University College of Law between 2009 and 2012. He participated in a variety of organizations, including the Veterans Law Caucus and the West Virginia National Security Law Review.

Matt Pinsker studied at William & Mary from 2005 to 2009, earning a BA in government and history. Living a balanced existence has always been essential to Matt Pinsker. He participated in the Varsity Cheerleading Squad, Army ROTC, and student government as a result of his college career. He continues to be interested in leading a diversified lifestyle.

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